Class Schedule

Class cancellation due to inclement weather policy:  the studio will follow the Bethel School District delayed opening/cancellation announcements.  When the schools have a delayed opening, 8:00 and 8:15 classes are cancelled.  Class will resume at 9:15.  The classes in the afternoon/evening will be cancelled with an early dismissal.   On full day closings, all morning classes are cancelled.  Please check Facebook and your email for afternoon class schedules.

All daytime classes are 1 hour except where individually noted.  Evening classes, at 5:30, are 45 minutes.
Please note some slight changes in start times as well for some other classes.

BODY BAR - A great workout that uses the barbell to target individual major muscle groups with a dynamite abdominal section to finish it out. You get to choose your weight to achieve the results you’re looking for.  All fitness levels welcome.

CLASSIC CARDIO – The place where “aerobics” all began. A floor based class combining classic Hi-Lo moves where you’re in control of the intensity.  A great option for all fitness levels and a freeing change where you just get to have fun while burning calories, finished off with an abdominal segment.

15 MINUTE CORE CLASS - A 15-minute class that focuses on balance, the abdominal area and it's complimenting lower back region to give you a complete core workout.  This is a great class to sculpt the front while strengthening the back and alleviating backaches that result from an imbalanced core.

HATHA POWER YOGA - A series of postures connecting to our breath in a synchronized movement.  We will concentrate on strength, balance, flexibility, mindfulness and relaxation.

AREO BOXING – a total body workout that will increase your overall stamina and strength using the jab, cross, uppercut and hook to tone the upper half while knee strikes plus front, back, round house and side kicks finish off the legs.  Areo Boxing does not use the bag.  It is an hour of choreographed kickboxing set to high energy music that will keep you working hard while having fun.

MELT METHOD - a cutting edge technique to help you get out of, and stay out of pain.  MELT is performed by position point pressing of the hands and feet with specially designed soft balls to hydrate connective tissue which provides your entire body support, protection and connection.

METABOLIC TRAINING - A high intensity workout made up of compound exercises with little rest time in between. This type of workout focuses on increasing your metabolic rate to help you burn a ton of calories. Think boot camp, interval training and HIIT all combined into one great class. Modifications are provided. All fitness levels are welcome.

PILATES - Lengthen, strengthen and tone with 2 different schools of training - Pilates and traditional Ballet.  These schools are designed to compliment each other in order to build long, lean muscles, and increase strength, flexibility and balance with also addressing mind body awareness.  You may not sweat in this class but you will definitely feel the burn!

STEP & SCULPT - The original fat burning choreographed class we fell in love with years ago is still one of the best workouts for chiseled legs and a toned derriere. We hit the bench for 45 minutes with choreographed routines for some serious calorie burning; then on to arms, abs and a cool down.

TONE & TIGHTEN – A 60 minute class that targets large muscle groups but also digs deeper into smaller muscle groups to give you a complete toned body from head to toe with extra attention given to the core.  It’s a great compliment to other lifting programs.

VINYASA YOGA -This flowing class will take you through each posture while connecting to your breath, allowing you to find ease while challenging yourself and resulting in finding length and release.  This class incorporates a moving meditation while offering modification for all levels. 

As of April 9, 2019












Hatha Power Yoga


Step & Sculpt


Body Bar


Cardio + 15 min Core


Tone & Tighten






Hatha Power Yoga
(75 min)